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Meet IPRN – a network for international PR and marketing communications

We are proud to be a part of IPRN – International Public Relations Network. Through IPRN we can provide our clients an access to all market areas across the globe. Most importantly through IPRN we can gain insight into different markets – what are the best practises for each country in PR and marketing communications. Here are some examples of the agencies in IPRN network, let’s hear what they have to say about their agencies and market areas!

1. Schwan Communications – Germany
Nicole Stapinski from Schwan Communications discusses the importance of having 360 degrees communications and good story telling on the German market.

2. AKHIA Communications – USA

Jan Gusich from AKHIA Communications discusses fake news and influencer marketing in the US. In his part, Ben Brugler discusses smart speakers, content strategy and how brands can use content to make account based marketing.

3. Mango OMC – South Africa

Nicole Capper from Mango OMC discusses South African PR landscape and the changes in it.

4. The McOnie Agency – Great Britain

Sarah McOnie from The McOnie Agency discusses the importance of targeting different channels and how to build messaging in the UK market.

5. Alana Communications – Spain

The look and feel of Alana Communications from Spain.

6. JPA Health Communications – USA

Carrie Jones from JPA Health Communications discusses the healthcare communications projects and how to enter the US market in this sector.

7. Presigno Unternehmenskommunikation – Germany

Isabel Reinecke from Presigno discusses the German PR landscape and how to enter it successfully.

8. Nexus PR – Great Britain

The look and feel of Nexus PR from Great Britain.

How to get the expertise of IPRN network work for you?

Quite simply, contact us at H&V and we’ll find the best partner agencies and manage the project for you. You can also browse through IPRN network on the IPRN network website to see the extent of our network.

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