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Vinkkejä ansaitun näkyvyyden rakentamiseksi Romaniassa

Pyysimme romanialaista yhteistyökumppaniamme 2032communicationia kertomaan vinkkejä ansaitun näkyvyyden rakentamiseksi Romaniassa. Kuten kaikissa maissa, myös Romaniassa on omanlaisensa mediailmasto, ja tämä kannattaa ottaa huomioon, kun haetaan ansaittua näkyvyyttä. Sen pidemmittä puheitta, antaa asiantuntijoiden kertoa lisää!

It’s just PR. No, no, it’s Romanian PR. Tips and tricks for Romanian market

In Romania there is a saying: “I am not stupid, darling, I just don’t have a PR specialist.” As nice as it sounds for a PR expert, this saying it is not about the importance of this field in Romania, but about the outward importance. Well, this is a cultural trace: many Romanians are show off people. This is lesson number one. No matter what you are selling in Romania, if you dream about a big number of clients, polish your product, give it some bling bling and you will see the magic.

According to Eurostat, Romanians are big tv fans. The tv consumption in Romania is, by far, the biggest in European Union. The tv stations are the number one source of information for the majority of Romanians. And we do have a lot of tv stations. 1.000 local and national tv stations, some of them Romanian branches of international channels; but only six general national stations and other five news channels get the most part of the audience. Five Romanian news channels? Yes, the most important ones, there are many others. Beside differences between them, there is a major similarity: political content. All Romanians are “experts” in football and politics. And all the tv stations have a political affiliation. But, this is another story to debate. So, if you are striving to be known in Romania, you must be on tv. The tricky part is when, where and for how long. You know your audience, you have to find the station with similar public or, au contraire, with the new public you are wishing for.

Romanian market is, according to latest figures, a market of 19 milion people. And around 13 milion are using Social Media. 5 milion Instagram accounts, 13 milion YouTube accounts, 8 milion Facebook accounts and 7 milion TikTok accounts. Snapchat and Twitter are not so popular. And Romania has a very good Internet connection. Mobile downloading medium speed is 40 Mbps and for the fixed connection it is 132 Mbps. With these numbers in front of your eyes it is easy to understand why digital campaignes are growing in budgets, importance and creativity. Like in any other part of the world. And, like in the rest of the world, influencers are an important part of many PR campaingns. A recent scandal, by the way, broke out after a Social Media influencer gave a tv interview, heated a national debate on-line regarding the influencers’ real life values and the conclusion was blunt: if you want big budgets for promoting brands you have to be Snow White, especially when we speak about women’s rights. And Snow White, in this case, may be a black gay or hetero man with right values, it is just a matter of character.

Romanians have latin blood, but German traits in PR business, so they love to speak straight forward, to be told in detail what the outcame of a project must be and transparent about the costs. If this is not happening to you, you’ve made the wrong choice. As I was saying, bling bling effect.

Last, but not least, double check. What? Well, everything. From deadlines to specific designated tasks. Why? If not, the latino blood will conquer the German traits.

Alecsandra Costin

Alecsandra Costin
PR expert

Ioana Răduca
communication expert

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