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Ties between brands and the society they interact within in are coming deeper and more diverse. A fast growing part of public relations is the field of public affairs – decision makers and experts in the service of public administration. Effective communication with these target groups requires an understanding of current topics and regulation and a well-planned approach on building relations with them.

We help you to crystallise and form your key messages and to reach the public affairs related target groups. We at H&V are familiar with the decision making system and understand the complexity of public relations. We also recognise the right moment to act for your benefit with the societal decision makers. By combining our skills in creative marketing and communications we help you reach success in this field.

Let’s get your voice heard amongst the decision makers!

H&V PR Reputation Radar is often the best starting point for building efficient communications and marketing activities.The H&V Digi Reputation Radar Online research creates clear vision into online visibility and Google competition for your brand.

From learning the current the situation the next step is to advance to create H&V PR Communications Strategy to create framework for different communications and marketing operations. H&V BrandDesign will create your brand, H&V Digi Content creates constant content flow into your online channels and H&V PR Media Relations builds your earned media visibility in planned way. H&V Digi Fullbound runs your advertising campaigns online, while H&V PR Public Affairs connects you with the decision makers of the society. We will also train you for media interviews in H&V PR Media Training.

Inka Elinor Pakarinen

Marketing communications specialist

A student of classical philology devoted to successful communication. The purposeful combining of linguistics and art along with an empathetic approach to communicating ensures not only that a message is received – but that it is understood. Elinor is an experienced professional with special focus in press communications and social media.

Motto: If a knot can be undone with your tongue, don't use teeth.

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