H&V PR Media Training

Smooth cooperation with the representatives of the media requires understanding on how media and journalists work. H&V PR Media Training helps the leadership of the company to build good relationships with the journalists.

H&V PR Media Training consists training and practical advice on how to build genuine working relationships with journalists. We also train you on how to shine at media interviews. Success in PR depends on the company leadership capabilities of building and maintaining journalist relations, and our training gives you a solid knowledge to do that.

Let’s start building your core team press relation skills together, call our expert and we’ll take it from there!

H&V PR Reputation Radar is often the best starting point for building efficient communications and marketing activities.The H&V Digi Reputation Radar Online research creates clear vision into online visibility and Google competition for your brand.

From learning the current the situation the next step is to advance to create H&V PR Communications Strategy to create framework for different communications and marketing operations. H&V BrandDesign will create your brand, H&V Digi Content creates constant content flow into your online channels and H&V PR Media Relations builds your earned media visibility in planned way. H&V Digi Fullbound runs your advertising campaigns online, while H&V PR Public Affairs connects you with the decision makers of the society. We will also train you for media interviews in H&V PR Media Training.

Mikko Sillanpää

CEO - marketing communications professional

With background in ancient cultural history and over 20 years of experience in advertising and PR, Mikko is analytical and widely experienced professional who finds a way to reach customer goals. Crises communications and international projects are Mikko's special focus.

Motto: Aut viam veniam aut faciam!

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