H&V BrandDesign

H&V BrandDesign is a service for designing brand and visual identity. We will design the brand your business needs and take care of the production of brand materials in digital and paper. We produce e.g. websites, landing pages, business cards, brouchures and ads.

The work begins by creating a brandbook which contains the basic information about the brand, for example logos, colours, fonts and instructions about their usage. We also create the brand materials you need according to the new visual identity.

Our service includes:

  • Brandbook
  • Logo design
  • Imagery instructions for photos and other visuals
  • Updating the social media channels with new brand
  • Design of the new business cards

As an option we also offer:

  • Website visual facelift or design of completely new website
  • Design of new letterheads and presentation templates
  • Updating existing material into new brand look (e.g. brouchures, advertisements)

Contact our branding expert and let’s start creating!

H&V PR Reputation Radar is often the best starting point for building efficient communications and marketing activities.The H&V Digi Reputation Radar Online research creates clear vision into online visibility and Google competition for your brand.

From learning the current the situation the next step is to advance to create H&V PR Communications Strategy to create framework for different communications and marketing operations. H&V BrandDesign will create your brand, H&V Digi Content creates constant content flow into your online channels and H&V PR Media Relations builds your earned media visibility in planned way. H&V Digi Fullbound runs your advertising campaigns online, while H&V PR Public Affairs connects you with the decision makers of the society. We will also train you for media interviews in H&V PR Media Training.

Kateryna Kazachinska

Art Director - marketing communications specialist

Experience in both graphic design and programming combined with a strong human centred approach to design leads to a deep and varied base for developing brands and marketing materials. Katja is an experienced professional graphic designer with a special focus in online services and visual brand identity.

Motto: Love always wins

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