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How to enter the Finnish market?

For a foreign company seeking to enter the Finnish market or aspiring to gain a greater market share, there are a few important notions that should be taken into account in order to achieve effective marketing communications. We arranged these notions into a brief summary with three categories:

1. Language

Finland is a highly language sensitive market area where good language skills and Finnish content are valued. But there is also another aspect to it: the local culture and working models. For instance, Finnish press releases are structured in a very different way compared to those in other countries. The difference between USA and Finland is particularly big, but there are also significant differences between Finland and the neighboring countries, e.g. Sweden and Denmark. This is the reason why merely translating press releases is not sufficient, they should be localized to fit the Finnish style.

2. Media environment

Finland is still a country strongly relying on the printed media, even while online-media and social media are becoming more and more popular. The Finnish market could be compared to German market in this case. On the other hand, Finland has very strong influencer markets in some industries like beauty, wellness and health, to name a few. It’s worthwhile to put in the time and effort in order to map out the media environment in your own industry before making decisions about which channels to use.

3. Geography and population

Finland is geographically large but very sparsely populated. This means that both the Finnish population and media environment are fragmented. It can take a lot of effort and cooperation with various small media in order to reach the entire population. Traditional ways to measure PR impact, which only emphasize the sizes of the audiences, works poorly in Finland compared to other markets where the population is bigger and focused on a small area. In the field of marketing communications analytics also another phenomenon must be taken into consideration when making media choices – Finland is a country of small special media. For example, for each profession typically there is a media with a small circulation but very high reach in a particular target group.

It is our pleasure to help your company to enter the Finnish market. Contact us and we will make your internationalizing easier.

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